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When is an idea an idea?

July 7, 2011


What is an idea? Is it a thought? A what if? Or does it have to be a strong deliverable proposition? The definition of an idea is a thought or suggestion, but that doesn’t seem to do justice to the word idea, a word that is just full of brilliance. I’ve an idea. What if […]

Creating characters keeps me focused

June 23, 2011


So, I was lucky enough to be at Wimbledon yesterday, thanks to a a kind client. Naturally, I was there for the tennis, but I was also there to do a bit of business. In the course of the afternoon I got chatting to Dom Wright of Insights. These guys have taken the Myers Briggs […]

Twitter ye not!

May 9, 2011


The twitter #superinjunction case has thrown up yet again the question of how much anyone or any company can keep anything secret for long. Do we now live in the ultimate transparent society where everything will be shared whether we like it or not. Mark Zuckerberg certainly seems to think that people should be open […]

Zuckerberg joins Stalin and Dubya

December 16, 2010


So Mr Facebook must be well pleased today. Not only is Glassdoor listing his company as the best place to work, but he is also Time’s Person of the Year. He’s joining a list that includes Stalin, Hitler, Walis Simpson and George W Bush – not exactly popular in their own right. So what is […]

Susan Boyle and The Big Society

December 9, 2010


So Susan Boyle is now as big as The Beatles.  So, why is it the case that the typical 47 year old Scottish virgin, as the LA Times put it, has achieved such feats where the likes of U2, Madonna, Take That and REM failed? This isn’t some written piece aimed at deriding Ms Boyle. […]