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Listen; learn; score some goals, but never feel like you have a manager

June 25, 2013


I’ve always grown up living the maxim “never have a boss.” It’s something I’ve said to my children many a time. Never feel like you have a boss. Always feel like you are your own boss. Carry that feeling with you through work and it will keep you free and happy. In saying this I’ve […]

The Chief Marketing & People Officer part 2

February 16, 2011


THE NEW ORGANISATIONAL THINKING So, I finished the first post with some thoughts about how ‘control is no longer ours’, and it really isn’t. If anything that’s been underlined by a book I am reading at the moment by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler entitled Empowered. The opening chapters describe neatly how an open and […]

Time on over time off

February 7, 2011


So, I was doing a speech on the Future of Work at the IOIC and started to think about policies that shackle us. We all think it’s right to have employment policies in place – to protect employees; ensure fairness and consistency and create order and alignment. That seems right. But is it getting in […]

That blessed survey! What’s the point?

January 17, 2011


For ages I’ve been banging on in my agency about how outdated I feel the employee survey is. After all, with is this technological wizardry out there and people constantly using email, Twitter, yammer, glassdoor etc. there must be a way of tracking what people are actually saying on a day to day basis to […]

Creativity is a muscle

January 12, 2011


You know when you hear someone say “we need to bring some creative power in”, or “what we need is some creative muscle”? Well, after you’ve finished being sick at the very use of such a hackneyed alpha-business phrase you end up sitting there and thinking, ‘actually yes, we do need someone with a more […]

Time for a train company not run by railway people?

December 22, 2010


Perhaps it is time for us to stop employing railwaymen and women. After all, the experience on the railways today is pretty broken the second anything untoward happens – they appear totally inflexible and unhelpful. The secret has got to be in the people they are employing and the freedom they give people to do […]

I hate the word brand

December 13, 2010


So, I’m talking to a colleague who has just asked me for the top ten rules on brand engagement inside businesses and to be quite honest I just put my head in my hands, slumped forward and let out an exasperated “oh I don’t know.”  I think I do know, and after 30 minutes he […]