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What is hygge at work?

October 2, 2015


A college in the UK has started to teach students how to be hygge – the Danish concept of happiness. According the BBC website, hygge at home is Sitting by the fire on a cold night, wearing a woolly jumper, while drinking mulled wine and stroking a dog – probably surrounded by candles. So, what is […]

Take time out to play with ideas. It’s good for your brain.

May 15, 2015


Working in the creative industry is a tough ask: All those lattes; having to play table football in the office for inspiration, the breakfast bar with free fruit (although that is good for the creative brain) and then beers at the end of a working day to unwind. Harsh conditions. Even harsher is second-guessing what […]

Are smart phones destroying our children’s potential for creativity?

April 27, 2012


Here’s a classic altercation that must happen in many a household over teenage use of the smartphone. Me: For goodness sake, put the iPhone down for 5 minutes! Teenager: Why? Me: Because you’re wedded to it and it’ll consume you one of these days. Teenager: What does that mean. Me: It means you’re reliant on […]

Buildings help make us what we are

August 11, 2011


Boris Johnson recently ripped out all the colourful meeting spaces at London’s City Hall after being attacked for saying they were a waste of money. As the Evening Standard reported, the mayor was criticised for wasting £1200 on two sofas! £1200! Blimey. I spent that on one sofa once and none of my family took […]

When is an idea an idea?

July 7, 2011


What is an idea? Is it a thought? A what if? Or does it have to be a strong deliverable proposition? The definition of an idea is a thought or suggestion, but that doesn’t seem to do justice to the word idea, a word that is just full of brilliance. I’ve an idea. What if […]

Creating characters keeps me focused

June 23, 2011


So, I was lucky enough to be at Wimbledon yesterday, thanks to a a kind client. Naturally, I was there for the tennis, but I was also there to do a bit of business. In the course of the afternoon I got chatting to Dom Wright of Insights. These guys have taken the Myers Briggs […]

Collaboration’s what ya need!

June 21, 2011


If Roy Castle were still alive today then I’m sure he’d rewrite his famous song to reflect the word ‘Collaboration’ rather than dedication. Now, if you’re under 40 then it’s possible that you’ll have no idea what that reference is to – so google it. Or watch this! Anyhow, it seems to me collaboration is […]