The Year of Employee Networks

Posted on March 1, 2011


So Edward Saatchi says that Employee networks are about to explode. He’s right. Employees are about to go through their own cluetrain manifesto as they organise themselves and communicate amongst themselves like never before.

But this is nothing new. Employee forums have been used by employees at places like the Royal Mail for many years. It’s just that right now there is a clammed for things like yammer and as we clamber on board the $10 billion dollar (titter) twitter wagon train. Unions are you watching?

People like these places because the data appears to sit outside of the mistrusted firewalls of their own employers. But unlike Forums, with yammer and nationalfield you have to disclose your email address. Well, transparency should demand transparency shouldn’t it? This means that public conversations all have owners. That’s important for employers to recognise before they rush to ban this new social media, for one of them is sure to make that mistake soon. No doubt we’ll read about that on employee leaks (the next proposed cluetrain child and inspiration of wikileaks).

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