Talent & Innovation

Posted on January 18, 2011


I’ve just started to read Ken Robinson‘s book Out of Our Minds – why it has taken me so long I do not know! The result is that after 20 pages I am now even more convinced that we’re managing our talent inaccurately. There’s a difference between academia and intelligence with neither being more important than the other – it’s just that at the present time it’s the former that gets valued by the education system and it’s the latter that organisations say they really need.

Because, in regards to the “War for Talent” read the war for academia and intelligence. This is nothing new. In January 2010 Accenture made clear in one of its many studies that managing talent and innovation was going to be one of the major challenges organisations faced. Not their words, but the words of 400 CEOs.

So, why is nobody listening? Probably because it’s much easier to measure academia than it is to measure intelligence and until we move away from such fixed measures of task and memory related performance to more qualitative measures then we’ll be stuck in this tread mill. Why not measure how someone’s actions make people feel as much as how much money they put in the bank – the well-being economy if you like. The thing is, is the human being fundamentally built like that?

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